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Coronavirus Economy

Site Selection and Real Estate Deals During the Coronavirus

June 26, 2020
Navigating the site selection and real estate deals in the coronavirus economy.

Have you been wondering what deals are out there in real estate today? Please join Hank Janik, VP of Real Estate with Teriyaki Madness, as he provides some insight with the current commercial real estate environment. This is a continuation of our series on Navigating the Coronavirus Economy. Previous replays are available HERE.


What’s Happening with Franchise Lead Gen?

June 19, 2020
In this part 1 of navigating the coronavirus economy, let's dive into what's happening with franchise lead gen.

Have you been wondering what’s happening with franchise lead generation? We have too. Please join Tom DuFore, CEO of Big Sky Franchise Team, as he reviews some interesting data and facts from Franchise Insights and other data sources. This is a continuation of our series on Navigating the Coronavirus Economy. Previous replays are available HERE.…


New PPP Rules and What it Means for Your Business

June 12, 2020
Navigating the coronavirus economy: Understanding the implications of new PPP rules for your business.

The PPP rules have changed. Do you know what this means for you and your business? Please join us for our interview with Robert Steinhardt, CPA and Partner with Carr, Riggs & Ingram which is the 20th largest accounting company in the top 100 U.S. Accounting firms. This is a continuation of our series on…


Is it Time to Sell Your Business (or your Franchisees’)

June 5, 2020
Navigating the coronavirus economy part 1: Sell your franchisee's business.

Every Franchisor has franchisees who need or want to move on. Helping them transfer their business to a newly energized buyer supports the franchisee and turns a potential non-renewal and termination into a successful transfer. Franchisors know that new blood in their franchise system is healthy. The best franchises, even the newest brands, want to…


How to Reopen Your Business During the Coronavirus

May 29, 2020
reopening your franchise business

How do you reopen your business during the Coronavirus economy? We intend to answer that question by providing you with resources and solutions to find some great solutions. U.S. Chamber of Commerce: READY TO REOPEN download International Franchise Association: FRANCHISE REOPENING BLUEPRINT download U.S. Chamber of Commerce Reopening Web Link: CLICK HERE. This is a…


Why you should DOUBLE your Franchise Marketing Budget

May 22, 2020
Why You Should Double Your Franchise Marketing Budget

Why should you double your franchise marketing today? Find out why in this short, but exciting presentation. Tom DuFore, CEO of Big Sky Franchise Team will be leading this session to showcase some intriguing and telling data about franchise marketing and what is happening with current data trends. This is a continuation of our series…


How to Market Your Business When Times Are Weird?

May 15, 2020
How to market your business when times are weird

How to Market Your Business When Times Are Weird? AKA, marketing in this Coronavirus Economy! We are pleased to be hearing from a marketing and branding expert, Matt Banker, with Banker Creative. Banker Creative is offering a FREE MARKETING FUNNEL download. This is a continuation of our series on Navigating the Coronavirus Economy.


What Happens AFTER You Get PPP Funding?

May 8, 2020
What Happens After I Get my PPP Funding Webinar

What happens after you get PPP (Payroll Protection Program) funding? How are you supposed to manage the funds? Which expenses qualify and which do not? Where to go from here? We will be hearing from a financial planning expert, Jamie Trull with Balance CFO. You can DOWNLOAD Jamie’s free PPP worksheet by CLICKING HERE. Jamie’s…


How to Setup Remote and Virtual Training

April 24, 2020
How to setup remote and virtual training for a franchise and small business

In this continuation of our series of Navigating the Coronavirus Economy, we get insight on how to setup remote and virtual training for your staff and franchisees. DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT Aubrey Janik, a consultant with Big Sky Franchise Team and FranLeadership shows us how to set this up. She shows us how to get things going…


A Legal Perspective

April 13, 2020
Navigating the Coronavirus Economy Part 3 - A Legal Perspective

Pete Dosik with Shipe Dosik Law shares some of his thoughts and what the current economic climate has meant for franchise renewals, franchise registrations, and other franchise topics. You can learn more about Shipe Dosik Law by visiting:

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