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Month: July 2020

Golden Nuggets of Customer Service and Sales

July 31, 2020

FACT: You get less than 20 seconds when a customer walks into your store or calls and asks a question. It’s those 20 seconds that means the sale. Nancy Friedman’s Golden Nuggets program is unique, engaging, entertaining and educating. You’ll be laughing and learning ideas, tips, skills and techniques you’ll use immediately and forever to insure…


Coronavirus, Liability, and Your Business

July 24, 2020
Coronavirus, Liability, and Your Business

What potential liability is looming for your company given the Coronavirus Pandemic? What are the state or federal governments looking to do to help protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits? Please join us to learn from Richard J. Valladares, a Shareholder/Chair Business Litigation with Greenberg Traurig, LLP. You can connect with Rich by CLICKING HERE. You…


Construction Trends Happening Now

July 10, 2020
Franchise Construction Trends Happening Now

Are you connected to the construction industry in some way? If you’re like most businesses, you probably are and that’s exactly why we are bringing in a construction industry expert to share his insights with us. Please join us to learn from Chris Maier, Director of Business Development with Cooper & Company General Contractors and…


Tom DuFore, Jr. – How to Survive in an Ultra Competitive Industry for 48 Years

July 7, 2020

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