Consulting Services

Our commitment to you

We take pride at Big Sky Franchise Team in identifying the needs of each client we work with. From start-ups to established brands we have solutions to meet the needs and the budgets of clients of all shapes and sizes.

As a boutique consulting firm we have the depth and experience to support the largest companies in the world and are still nimble and flexible to meet the needs of a growing entrepreneur. Our first step is to properly identify your needs with an initial consultation which we provide at no cost and with no obligation.

Listed below are some of the services we offer.
If you don’t see something you need, just ask.
Chances are we can help you with any of your custom needs.

Document Audit, Review, & Recommendation

  • Review Current UFDD
  • Assess Current Franchise Growth Strategy
  • Review and Update Existing Franchise Manuals
  • FranLeadership®
  • Review and Update Existing Marketing Plans
  • Update Existing Franchise Marketing Collateral (Brochures, Trade Show Materials, Etc.)
  • Franchise Health Assessment

Coaching, Consulting, and Training

  • One to One Franchise Coaching (for CEO’s, Presidents, or Franchise Sales Leaders)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision Planning
  • Leadership Assessment
  • FranLeadership®
  • Personality and Behavior Assessments
  • Franchise Minute™ Video Sessions

The Proven Process

Your first steps toward franchising:

  • 1

    Discovery & Assessment

    Our initial step is to learn more about you and your company. Often, much of this initial discovery is established prior to moving forward together so some of this may sound like a repeat based on our previous conversations.

  • 2

    Goals & Vision

    Your goals and vision need to be in line with each other. We want to make sure that your vision lines up with your goals and vice versa.

  • 3


    We will provide you with additional consulting and implementation support during our agreement together. The types of consulting we offer include, but are not limited to, monitoring and fine-tuning, implementation advice, scheduled evaluations and check-ins, connections with vendors and suppliers, ongoing recommendations and more.

Caston-Knox Family

I found the Big Sky Franchise Team through a webinar series I was attending as a new business owner. I knew I wanted to expand my business eventually but I wasn't sure if Franchising was the way to go. Tom and his team are amazing. They answered every question and they're always available. I thought I was excited about my business but I think Tom's enthusiasm may have exceeded my own, which is so welcome and needed since daily I fight the urge to flee and stick with my day job. It's scary being a new business owner and starting a franchise but the Big Sky Franchise team put my nerves at ease and presented several options during the franchise process, as well as a glimpse into what my options could be 5-10 years down the line. If you're thinking about franchising your business, consider Big Sky. They are experts in their field. They're small enough to care (and be passionate) and big enough to help you grow. I'm glad I took this leap of faith and I'm confident in their professional guidance through this scary process.

Mark Baker

I was looking for a Franchise Consultant and when I reached out to Big Sky they were very responsive. When we did an initial discovery meeting I had a lot to tell them about. It had been the first time I had shared my vision with anyone outside my immediate and small circle. They patiently let me talk away and get all my ideas out of my head. They were attentive, polite and professional, but not stuffy. I was left with a very positive impression of this brand!

P. Sienko

Tom and his team are definitely the way you should go if you’re considering franchising your small business. Lots of wonderful experience from him and his team.

Rasean Miller

Tom was extremely knowledgeable and their system is bullet proof. They make franchising realistic and do-able. I would recommend them any day.


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