Navigating the Coronavirus Economy Part 17

Golden Nuggets of Customer Service and Sales

FACT: You get less than 20 seconds when a customer walks into your store or calls and asks a question. It’s those 20 seconds that means the sale. Nancy Friedman’s Golden Nuggets program is unique, engaging, entertaining and educating.

You’ll be laughing and learning ideas, tips, skills and techniques you’ll use immediately and forever to insure your business captures & navigates that important call.

There’s no magic pill, potion or wand to create customer loyalty that companies such as Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Whole Foods, Disney, Southwest, Chico’s and other get; but Nancy will get the ball rolling for you and move the needle on your ROI.

Labeled a “don’t miss” session, this program is for the seasoned executive to the novice employee.

Check out Nancy’s Websites and amazing customer service and sales training programs:

This is a continuation of our series on Navigating the Coronavirus Economy. Previous replays are available HERE.

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