How Your Franchise Business Can Show Support on Veterans Day

Veterans Day Franchise Your BusinessSince 1919 the United States has recognized the services of the brave men and women who have served in the Armed Forces through Veterans Day. Officially becoming Veterans Day in 1954, this federal holiday is a way for all of us to show our appreciation to the approximately 20 million veterans currently living in the United States.

As a franchise business owner, you have an ideal platform to show support and recognition. In this post, we’ll cover a few ideas to help you honor the veterans in your community.

Special-Priced or Free Products and Services

Reduced pricing or free items are an excellent way to show support for veterans. If you have a food-related or restaurant franchise, consider putting together a menu of free items or significantly reduced pricing exclusively for your veteran patrons.

For other businesses or service-related franchises, you can use a similar theme to honor veterans. Whether it’s a free haircut, free oil change or tax-free purchases on large items like mattresses or vehicles, you can be as creative as your business allows. Many other organizations recognize veterans with free items or services so following along will help to generate support for your business in return.

Sponsor a Parade or Veterans Day Event

Many cities across the United States hold a Veterans Day parade or related event every year. Given tight budget constraints, those cities often need sponsors to help fund the event and help things run smoothly. It’s a win-win for both the city and the sponsors, and it bolsters support and recognition for the community, businesses involved and veterans alike.

If a city near your business or franchise doesn’t hold an annual event, consider sponsoring your own event or offering support in other ways. You could host a pancake breakfast in honor of veterans and invite the community to join in on the celebration. If that’s not a viable option, you could also encourage your franchisees and their teams to volunteer at a local veteran’s service organization.

Not only will this provide direct support to the veterans in your community, but it will leave your staff with an overall good feeling knowing they helped make a difference. And don’t forget that happy employees translate into happy customers.

Develop a Franchisee Program Geared Towards Veterans

When veterans return from active duty, they often struggle to get hired in civilian jobs. Some suffer from disabilities or simply have trouble adjusting to civilian life but are perfectly able and willing to work. To help them avoid economic struggles or potential homelessness, it’s vital for businesses in their communities to provide support through employment opportunities.

As a franchise business, you have a unique opportunity to not only help veterans but also grow your business. Consider developing an exclusive franchisee program geared toward veterans. Your program could involve a reduced franchise fee, specialized training or incentives for them to join your organization. Veterans have already proven dedication and a strong work ethic due to their service, so they can make an exceptional addition to your business and company as a whole.

When your community sees your strong support of veterans, they will also see your business in a different light. Nothing is more patriotic than showing recognition for military service and that type of publicity will speak volumes to your patrons and help boost revenue.

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