How Black Friday & Cyber Monday Can Jumpstart Your Franchise Business Sales

Black Friday Cyber Monday Franchise Your Business GrowthHow Black Friday & Cyber Monday Can Jumpstart Your Franchise Business Sales

Black Friday is such a popular term in retail that not only do customers know what it is, but they’ve also come to expect those great deals the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, the term “Black Friday” was adopted by the retail community to show when brick and mortar businesses went “in the black” or made a profit.

Of course, with the advent of the internet and its impact on overall sales, Cyber Monday is now also an essential part of the holiday retail season. Since 2005, Cyber Monday has taken place the Monday following Thanksgiving and represents some of the best deals shoppers can find online all year.

In this article, we show you how you can take advantage of both these days and jumpstart your franchise business sales to close out the year with a strong finish.

Attract Black Friday Shoppers the Day After Thanksgiving

An essential part of attracting customers on Black Friday means that you’ll need to start early! Most businesses start their sales at the crack of dawn, if not before, so you’ll need to match that tactic to avoid missing any opportunities.

Whether you place ads in local newspapers, post information on social media, or have signs in your storefronts, your customers need to know when you’ll be open. They’ll also want to know if it’s worth it for them to stop at your store so early in the morning compared to all the other deals they’ll find. Research your competition and make sure your franchises are aware of what has worked in the past so that you can rake in the sales.

For food-related franchises, you can capitalize on providing early morning coffee and on-the-go breakfasts. Or, take advantage of people who have been shopping since the sun came up and are likely going to be hungry by lunchtime. If you’re a service-related business, you’ll want to offer deep discounts on popular items for limited time periods. And don’t forget to make sure your franchises are staffed adequately to ensure smooth sailing for employees and customers alike.

Boost Cyber Monday Sales Even if You’re a Brick and Mortar Franchise

Cyber Monday was originally meant for online retailers to capture all those sales their brick and mortar counterparts collected the day after Thanksgiving. However, there’s no reason why any business can’t take advantage of additional holiday sales after Black Friday.

Some people are traveling or spending quality time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and don’t have time to shop. That’s why Cyber Monday is an ideal time to grab customers’ attention as they return to “normal” life. Most even participate in this shopping event while they’re at work, which means they’re looking for the best possible deals to complete their holiday shopping.

If you have an online store, then you’ve likely notified your customers of all the deals you’re offering. Most of these deals involve deep discounts, free shipping, and BOGO offers. Just make sure that your site has been optimized, and your server can handle all that additional traffic at once.

For brick and mortar business, you still have every opportunity to take advantage of Cyber Monday. Food-related businesses that already offer delivery can provide a free or discounted service on that day or provide coupons on their site or social media for customers to download to their mobile device. You could also announce specials that are only valid if a specific code mentioned online is provided. For service-related business, similar tactics can be utilized. Customers can download coupons only found online or be privy to exclusive in-store flash sales that are solely announced online.

Get Help with Enhancing Sales Year Round

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