See Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Your Franchise Business

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s hard not to think of the color green.

As a franchise business, this can also refer to the “green” you and your franchisees earn by building fun promotions around this celebratory holiday.

Let’s look at some promotions you may want to implement for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Options for Restaurants That Go Beyond “Green” Beer

Green beer seems to be synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, but there are many other options to choose from.

You can offer discounts on foods that are naturally green without having to worry about needing food coloring. For example, if you have a smoothie franchise, you can offer a discounted price on green smoothies or wheatgrass.

Or, for a restaurant franchise, you can offer discounts for people who order a salad or guacamole. It could also apply to side orders of vegetables like broccoli, green beans, spinach, or asparagus.  Most of these green foods are also healthy options!

Just remember that if your promotions do involve alcohol, try to also include messaging around drinking responsibly or offer free taxi or Uber rides.

Help Those Wearing Green to Celebrate

You could also offer some type of discount for any person who comes into your business wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether you have a health club, restaurant, hotel, or automotive service franchise business, you can easily apply this concept. You likely have a steady flow of customer traffic, which makes this type of promotion ideal to attract business.

You can offer a select number of products or services for those customers who come in your store or business wearing green. One option that works well is offering a limited-time discount or gift certificate on the customer’s next visit. That way you not only get their business that day but also at another time in the near future.

Host a Social Media Contest to “Show Your Green”

For those businesses, who are online only or don’t have a steady flow of customer traffic, you can do an online promotion.

Encourage people to “show their green” by wearing an article of clothing or holding up a St. Patty’s Day-themed item or product in a social media post or video. It will help to encourage followers to engage with your business in addition to spreading the word. You and each of your franchises can run the promotion, and each location can pick their own winner. They can either receive a discount on their next purchase, a gift certificate, or a free product or service depending on your type of franchise business.

The increased engagement will help you build relationships with current customers as well as show new followers that you’re a fun business they should purchase from.

Don’t forget to tell people the terms and conditions of your offer. These should include encouraging people to post responsibly. Also, be upfront and let them know that any inappropriate postings will be deleted and disqualify them from the promotion.

Let Us Help You Earn More “Green” Any Day of the Year

Regardless of what type of “green” promotion you offer for St. Patrick’s Day, when people see that you want to help them celebrate in a fun, cost-saving way, you’ll attract more business.

Are you looking for more ways to earn “green” throughout the year?

The Big Sky Franchise Team is always available to help you develop promotions and maximize profits for your franchise business. We can help with creating marketing plans, developing digital marketing strategies, and much more.

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