Recognize National Grandparents Day with Your Franchise Business

Grandparents Day Franchise Business, how to franchiseFamilies throughout the United States will celebrate National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 9th. This special day falls every year on the Sunday following the Labor Day holiday.

It’s a time for children to turn the tables and shower their grandparents with gifts and admiration. Even though this special day isn’t as widely recognized as holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day, it still makes for an excellent opportunity to create promotions designed to increase customer traffic.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas on how you can promote National Grandparents Day and attract more sales for your franchise business.

Offer a Special Menu or Group of Products Geared Towards Grandparents

For franchise businesses that are restaurants or that are product-based, you have almost endless opportunities to recognize National Grandparents Day. For restaurants, you can create a specific menu for grandparents or offer them a discount. You could also designate specific foods, drinks, or desserts as free to add to the celebration. And since most grandparents like to eat earlier in the day, consider moving your promotions to brunch or lunch options instead of dinner.

If you sell products, you can follow similar guidelines in offering certain products for free or at a discount. You may even want to bundle specific products together that fit with the day and offer them at a reduced price. Also, try to offer products or bundles at various prices to accommodate any younger customers who may be using their piggy bank or allowance to purchase a gift for their loved ones.

Pair Your Service with Something Beneficial to Seniors

Service-based franchise businesses also have a wide range of options to promote National Grandparents Day. Since the target of promoting for this special day is people who are Baby Boomers or in the elderly community, consider creating promotions based on convenience and comfort.

If either your products or services aren’t geared toward the target communities, don’t be discouraged and think that you can’t use this occasion as a promotional opportunity to drive more sales. Your promotion could be that when your customers buy select items or a certain amount of services, you can offer them “free” bonuses that can be used as gifts towards National Grandparents Day. For example, if a customer purchases $100 or more in a visit to your store, offer them a free trial for a meal kit service. Or, that “free” bonus could also be something along the lines of house cleaning services, pet sitters, or lawn care and maintenance.

Regardless of what types of products or services your franchise business offers, use this as an opportunity to get creative and gear promotions towards the grandparents in your community.

Get Help with Promoting Your Franchise Business on Holidays and Special Observances

Wondering how you can help your customers celebrate holidays and special occasions that go beyond the typical card or flower arrangement?

While many holidays are well-known throughout the U.S. and have their own designated theme, there are also observances just about every day and month that can be beneficial for your franchise business. From National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to National Library Card Sign-Up Month, there are endless possibilities to use for increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

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