How to Franchise an Eco-Friendly Business

Consumption has changed. Consumers are holding themselves accountable for the buying choices they make. Businesses that want to maintain a certain level of success are now socially required to hold themselves to a higher, more eco-conscious standard. This new standard applies across all business models and can have an impact on potential franchising opportunities.

Franchising is a good fit for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, but no desire to risk building a business from scratch. This is why franchising remains a solid business model that can be applied to almost any business type, including the current eco-friendly business trend. There’s a broad range of eco-friendly businesses available for the eco-conscious entrepreneur.

Eco-safe pest control boasts effective pest control that is less toxic to the environment by using chemicals that are both healthier and safer for both owners and their pets. With regard to franchising, this model is replicateable and the initial components for franchising would be fairly straightforward. Build out an easily consumable business plan that highlights all of the details and guidelines a potential franchisee would need in order to replicate the parent business. Throughout the process and ensure that the business’ brand is always being protected. This will sometimes mean rejecting certain would-be franchisees if they fail to meet a certain pre-established standard.

Urban garden planning is becoming increasingly prevalent in residential areas with large populations of families. Incorporating sustainable gardens that are both beautiful and beneficial because they produce edible goods will likely continue to grow in popularity. Cost to build and franchise a business like this would depend on the range of services offered. If the idea is to simply build out a sustainable landscape plan and allow the consumer to self-initiate, the overhead would be minimal. Including installation and even maintenance services within the business model would increase the costs, but also greatly increase growth potential. All of these elements need to be outlined in detail before taking on franchisees. As with eco-friendly pest control, urban garden planning is a fairly straightforward model that should be easy to replicate with the right foundation.
Waterless car washes are not available in many areas and, depending on the potential franchise locations, a certain amount of consumer education would need to be incorporated beforehand. Waterless car washes utilize ready-to-use or concentrated chemical spray products with high lubricity to clean vehicles; an eco-friendly alternative to its water heavy counterparts. Because this is a newer business type, along with consumer education, the franchisor would need to provide specific details to every potential franchisee with regard to equipment and chemical spray types that need to be used. They will also need to educate them on the consumable and consumer ready breakdowns of the chemicals used in the sprays, since the franchisor would understand that they are dealing with a specific type of consumer that will most likely want that type of information upfront.

As with any franchising opportunity, eco-friendly or not, it’s important to know your consumer base, always protect your brand, survey every location prior to approving a franchisee to operate in that area, and support your franchisees in every way that you can. As they grow and succeed, so will you. If you’re ready to take the next step to multiply your success by franchising your business, call Big Sky Franchise Team today at 855-8-BIG-SKY for your 15-minute introduction call.

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