Fireworks and Franchising?

July brings patriotic parties, fireworks, and adult beverages. Franchising seasonal industries or businesses that see significant increase during certain holidays can be highly lucrative when done properly.

Franchising seasonal fireworks stands can be tricky depending on which states you operate in. Each state and municipality has its own specific requirements regarding the use and sale of fireworks. Because those restrictions don’t cross state or sometimes even county lines, it’s imperative to know and understand the laws for each area before bringing in a fireworks stand.

Party supply stores are a necessity year ‘round for holidays such as the 4th of July, birthdays, special occasions, and events. Be sure when franchising a party supply store to incorporate a sales and marketing plan that allows enough time to bring in plenty of the right supplies for each holiday and to market those items within the right timeframes. Too early and the message is forgotten. Too late and potential consumers will have already purchased elsewhere due to the lack of brand awareness. The type of supplies will also vary between locations. All of these items should be outlined in detail when creating a plan for potential franchisees.

Liquor stores are holiday hotspots and Independence Day is no exception. Adult beverages such as beer, wine, and cocktails are considered by many to be essentials at cookouts and other festivities. Beer in general is a summertime staple. Franchising liquor stores will also come with its own restrictions, codes, and laws that need to be adhered to, so be sure to take that into account when building out a franchising plan. 

No matter which industry you’re in, deciding whether or not to franchise is simple. There are just three things needed for a business to be franchised:

Is your business profitable?
Do you have a national or international customer base?
Could you train someone to do what you do?

It’s hard to operate a business and grow it at the same time. Especially when you have limited time, money, and people resources. That’s why franchising is a great option for just about any industry. Schedule a 15-minute introduction call today.

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