Five Black-owned franchises to support for Black History Month (And every month)

Here’s a little-known fact about black-owned businesses: There’s a lot of them, and they’re growing. Between 2007 and 2012, black-owned businesses soared by almost 35 percent, resulting in about 2.6 million black-owned businesses nationwide.


The statistics on black-owned franchises are not as clear. But from barbershops to restaurants, it’s clear that black business is booming and franchising is often a result of business success. Below are five booming black-owned businesses that have prospered, franchised, and continue to grow.


Sip and Savor (Chicago, IL) – With three locations in the Chicagoland area, Sip and Savor is on the verge of becoming the city’s premiere black-owned coffee establishment. Dubbed the “Black Starbucks” by blogger Starex Smith, these shops have already earned points for ambience, customer service, and their delicious roasts.


Just Turkey Restaurant (Chicago, Evanston, Atlanta) – Originating on the South Side of Chicago, Just Turkey is a fast-growing franchise that focuses on lean, turkey-centric meals made “with love,” according to co-owner Greg Morton. Morton, along with his brother and fellow co-founder, Brian, opened the chain in 2010, providing their signature “turkey tips,” turkey burgers, turkey tacos, and more.


Hammer and Nails (Los Angeles, CA) – When screenwriter Mike Elliot opened his first male salon in 2013, even he was stunned by its quick success. Within the first seven months, Elliot had made $150,000 in profit, prompting him to quickly expand. Despite being turned down a partnership on the CNBC hit Shark Tank, Elliot nevertheless raised the funds to open up-and-coming locations in San Francisco, Santa Fe, Plano (TX), and others.


Lexus (Huntsville, Alabama) – When you think of car-dealerships, chances are they’re owned by men. But in 1988 Ellenae Fairhurst made history by becoming the first black woman to own a luxury car dealership. Fairhurst continues to own and operate that same Lexus dealership nearly thirty years later, in addition to a secondary Infinity dealership.


Go-Go Party Bus (Atlanta, GA) – Whatever reason you might need a huge party bus, Lenesia Cooper has you covered. With a fleet of six “party buses” – equipped with televisions, karaoke machines, and a wet bar – that accommodate up to thirty people, Cooper launched her party bus business in 2009 to immediate success. In the wake of Cooper’s success, she has opened a new location in Charlotte, NC, and is welcoming more entrepreneurs to franchise in other locations as well.


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