3 Reasons Why you Should Prank your Employees this Year on April Fool's Day!

Let’s face it, 2017 has gotten off to a somewhat bumpy start in America. With politically wedging divides at an all-time high, and polarizing levels of optimism, indifference and pessimism; it’s pretty obvious what you and your employees need to do right now…Have a laugh! A good hearty one at that!

So we get it, you’re ‘The BFranchising and April 1, 2017 - April Fool's Dayoss’; The ‘Head Honcho’. It’s your job to be the serious one most days. It is your company after all, and the ultimate success or failure it experiences falls back onto you, and the pressure can sometimes feel bigger than my best bud’s deeply rooted fear of clowns (just kidding). We get it. But shall I dare to say your employees are carrying some of that pressure as well? They also have mouths to feed at home, kids to put through college and maybe a transmission right on the cusp of junkyard heaven. Sure they come into the office smiles blazing, ready to service those awesome customers, but that’s why you hired them. They’re rock stars; Gracefully wading through every request spoken and unspoken, rising to the occasion complaint free! Now if this description doesn’t bring to mind a single member of your staff, we’ve got other problems, but for the majority of us, we know this to be true.

So why should you prank your employees this April Fool’s Day?

  1. It can save you money!

Well, maybe not immediately, but according to the Gallup, Inc., studies have shown “Employees who are thriving in overall wellbeing have 41% lower health-related costs compared with employees who are struggling, and 62% lower costs compared to employees who are suffering. Now a little laugh as a result of an April Fool’s Day prank may not seem to be much, but according to HELPGUIDE, “laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress”. Now a little laugh doesAutumnn’t seem so little…


  1. It can make you money!

Laughter shared by you and your employees not only gives you a slight belly pain in a good way, it also builds comradery, which ultimately boosts morale. Employees who enjoy working with you and one another enjoy the work they do more, which becomes evident in how they execute tasks. They become more productive, and even more patient with clients, which can add more to your bottom line!

  1. It can give your valuable insights concerning the areas for growth in your company.

We all know of those bosses everyone is afraid to approach. No one would dare question him/her or even be brave enough to pitch a fresh, new idea. I don’t think I need to tell you why that isn’t good for business but I will anyway. Your employees are not only often the face of your company, they’re also the direct link between you and your current/potential customers. They know first-hand what people think about your company and its offerings before you do! And get this, they even know the not so cool aspects of your company that you think are awesome! And don’t fear. Respect isn’t being removed from the table, we know you’re due it, just as your employees are. So, stop thinking if you come off as approachable you’ll lose it; they might actually respect you more!

Obviously, this list could be extended much longer when we really think about the benefits of good old fashion pranking and laughter in the workplace, but hopefully this is enough to convince you to kick off the first of April with a bang! Perhaps you’ll see some tangible perks from it as your company closes out the first quarter of the year. Just remember, as you google search for prank ideas just remember, if it involves flames in any way, let’s not.




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