Navigating the coronavirus economy part 2 with a focus on utilizing process for your growing business.

Navigating the Coronavirus Economy Part 27

Using Process in Your Growing Business

Process is key whether you are looking to franchise your business, continue to grow your franchise system or simply just survive the pandemic. This week’s guest, Benj Miller, is an expert implementer of EOS® (Entrepreneur Operating System).

Join the replay as Benj Miller of Benj Miller Collective provides this FREE Webinar about how having a good process can help you grow your business.

Benj is a proven entrepreneur who values character, culture and innovation. He has a passion for creating amazing organizational culture…culture that pours into people; that develops and sustains them. His journey began with an implementation during a merger of two of his companies. It was such a success, that he implemented that process at all of his other companies. Out of this journey, was created (one of the two licensed EOS® software platforms. Benj also co-found & co-hosts the

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This is a continuation of our Navigating the Coronavirus Economy series and was recorded on 10/2/2020.

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