Navigating the commercial property market during the coronavirus economy.

Navigating the Coronavirus Economy Part 30

Should I refinance my commercial property?

What are your best options when it comes to financing commercial property? Do you qualify for help from any government programs?

Profitability and Enterprise experts, Sam Datta and Chris Clabby, double team on this mega informative webinar discussing traditional bank financing vs. alternative lender options, qualifying for low cost government programs (SBA/HUD/USDA), and refinancing commercial real estate.

Sam and Chris are Co-Founders of PGV Advisors and Business Lending Partners, the financial arm of PGV Advisors. Chris’s expertise is working with business owners and corporate executives to identify business challenges and leading the development and implementation of cross functional finance, tax and operational solutions that deliver measurable value. Sam builds enterprise value by reducing operating cost, finding new revenue streams through new channels, new markets, new products, and expanding the global footprint.

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This is a continuation of our Navigating the Coronavirus Economy webinar series. Catch the replays HERE.

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