How to Franchise My Hair Salon

Hair care is big business. Did you know the hair care industry as a whole pulls in an estimated $20 billion each year? While you’re getting a cut of that money with your existing hair salon, you can get an even bigger slice of that pie by franchising your existing salon. Franchising your salon has many benefits for your business. You gain the opportunity to expand your business locally, nationally and even internationally a lot faster. Franchising can also be used as a tool to increase cash flow, which also helps you expand your business.

If you’re thinking about franchising you should certainly take these interesting facts into consideration:

  • Nearly half of the total beauty salons and barber shops operating in the US are franchises.
  • The hair care industry retains its financial status even in difficult economies because people always want to look good!
  • The hair care industry has grown an average of 2.7% in each of the last five years.

People care about how they present themselves. A high quality haircut and style tops the list of self-care. Ask yourself this question: Can I franchise my hair salon? Let us tell you that the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s how we can help you do just that.

  1. We’ll help you decide on the best franchise model to build on the success you’ve already created.
  2. We’ll help you build your Franchise Blueprint™ – a strategy that copies your brand in each franchise location to build name and brand recognition among your target market.
  3. We’ll help you establish training manuals that help you prepare your franchisees for success.
  4. We’ll walk you through the right financial structure for you and for your franchisees that maximizes mutual profitability.
  5. We’ll connect you with all the resources, next steps, and power moves that show you how to franchise your hair salon and how to do it the right way – the first time.

If you’re still asking yourself that question – can I franchise my hair salon? – consider two important answers. First, yes, you can successfully franchise your salon. You’re a business owner that believes in meeting the self-care needs of others through high quality service. Learning how to franchise your hair salon can give you the opportunity to serve more people.

Second, you don’t have to do it alone. At Big Sky Franchise Team, we’re here to help you find the success you deserve by developing the franchise model that takes your hair salon from a local success to an industry empire. We have the skill, knowledge, and expertise you need to get the results you want. Call us at (855) 824-4759 or contact us online today to get started on creating the successful hair salon franchise we know you’re capable of achieving!

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