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Moving Beyond the Coronavirus Economy Part 61

How to Adapt Your Marketing and Build an Online Presence

Today, let’s discuss building an online presence.

Markets are unpredictable, but your business plan shouldn’t be, especially when it comes to being prepared for those inevitable changes in your marketing strategies.

Meet Tom Canterino, this week’s webinar host. He’s an innovator, entrepreneur, life-long student of marketing and sales, and on occasion – a teacher of these subjects. Professionally, he is dedicated to achieving growth through new initiatives with a mission to deliver an online vehicle that helps create value for you and your customers.

Tom is sharing three secrets to help you adapt and quickly attract and activate customers that still want your products and services – even when the market switches lanes.
Secret #1 – Why NOW is the time to attract customers
Secret #2 – There are only 3 ways to find customers on the internet
Secret #3 – The 4 Step Framework for Dominating Your Local Market See your opportunities and take advantage of them!

Join us for this week’s edition of the Moving Beyond the Coronavirus Economy series as our host, Tom DuFore, takes us through the most up-to-date sales and marketing trend data available. If you are ready to talk about franchising your business you can schedule your free, no-obligation, franchise consultation online at https://bigskyfranchiseteam.com/ or by calling Big Sky Franchise Team at 855-824-4759.

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