Franchise Your Cleaning Services Business

After the spring cleaning bug hits it’s time to, quite literally, get your house in order. Here are a few services that would fit really well into a franchise plan.

Organizational services are becoming increasingly popular as people get overwhelmed by their belongings. You don’t have to reach the level of hoarder to need help organizing. Professional organizers can assist with clearing out craft room clutter, or even organizing a chaotic office space. Creating a franchise for professional organizers should include detailed plans for a variety of spaces and situations, including recommendations for situations where there is an actual hoarding issue that should be passed along to a mental health professional for safety and liability reasons.

Summer can be chaotic with the kids out of school and countless activities to chauffer them around to. Cleaning services are great for stressed out moms or busy professionals. Offering potential franchisees a workable plan is a must; however, as there is much more to it than simply cleaning. There are liability and safety issues that need to be planned for. Potential worker’s compensation claims, breakage and theft claims made by homeowners, and even product ingredients. Franchise plans for cleaning services should outline all of these eventualities and more, which is why it’s imperative to bring in a professional to ensure that your franchise plans accordingly.

Home repair services can be as big or small as you want them to be. Many full-fledged construction companies offer home repair services as well. The issue for homeowners with utilizing a construction company for repairs is cost and project size. Many larger companies require a minimum budget or project size, which creates a challenge for smaller projects like replacing a light fixture or changing out a counter top. Home repair or handyman services are excellent options for those small projects. When franchising a business of this type, be sure to do extensive background and character checks on every single employee and create a solid plan for dealing with behavioral and ethical conduct issues, as these staff members will be in personal homes, many times without supervision. Protecting both the customer and your franchise is vital to a successful home repair business model.

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