These Franchise Businesses Will Help You Pick the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

Mother’s Day, the wonderful holiday that comes around once a year to celebrate the special women in our lives. If you’re anything like me, the day itself is rich in gratitude, family and love, but the gift buying process is completely nerve wrecking! It’s easy when you’re a kid and you can just scribble on a page in a multi-array of ill-paired colors and doodles, but when you become an adult, it can become natural to retreat into the safe confines of the ’go-to gift’. You know, the gift she generally will always like or use. But let’s switch it up this year with some of the franchise companies below. If you really want to accrue some cool points this Mother’s Day, these franchise businesses are a little more outside the box than the normal flowers and card.


Massage Envy

Nothing says relaxation better than a massage. For the mom that could benefit from a little relaxation in her life, Massage Envy is the place to go! With a well-rounded list of massage and skin care services, you’re bound to find something special for all tastes. Also, with so many locations, finding one near you should be a cinch! When booking the appointment, be sure to ask what Mother’s Day specials they’re currently offering.

Orangetheory Fitness

For the fitness addict moms out there, consider an Orangetheory Fitness membership. Now if this isn’t particularly her ‘thing’, tread cautiously with the fitness suggestions. I think you understand what I mean. For those moms who can’t get enough of it though, this might make you her true ‘favorite’ once and for all. Orangetheory takes the group training experience to another level with heart rate monitoring to get members to their coined, “afterburn” zone, with the personal touch of their fitness coaches. And the best part, she can try it out first for free!

Merry Maids

I don’t think I need to stress why this is a good gift, but for the sake of this post, I will. Though we might all contribute to the upkeep of a home from time to time, typically the moms carry the grunt of this work, and in the modern day where the average mom is also working full-time, taking kids to activities as well as cooking, it can get slightly overwhelming. It’s amazing that she can do it all, but it doesn’t mean she should always have to though! Merry Maids does it all, cleaning any and every room from top to bottom thoroughly and professionally. Fill out a simple form to receive an estimate and watch the special mom in your life beam with pride as she kicks her feet up knowing it’s all been handled.

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)

Now at first glance, you may have begun to think about having a nice quiet getaway for you and your spouse but there’s one error in the thought…you accompanying her. That’s right. This is for that ‘I just need a small break,’ mom. You’d be surprised at what one night alone in a fancy hotel could do for the mom in your life. Book her an awesome room with great room service and let her jump on the bed and stuff herself with chocolate covered strawberries to her heart’s delight. She has earned the right to pass out on a plush bed with a chocolate smeared grin!

These are some pretty nifty franchise businesses that will hopefully get you to thinking outside the box for Mother’s Day this year! Do you own a company that provides a great service that could be to the benefit of moms? Let us know. Maybe your company will be on this list next year!

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