Embrace the 4th of July Celebration with Your Franchise Business

Americans celebrate the 4th of July holiday every year with great enthusiasm. Summer is just beginning, kids of all ages are out of school, and most people have the day off from work since it’s a national holiday.

The day is celebrated with picnics, cookouts, barbecues, and pool parties with the day usually ending with fireworks. Whether it’s a small gathering in a backyard or a full-blown display at the local park, every celebration has a grand finale with a flash of colors and sparkles to entertain both small and large audiences.

It’s those celebrations that can help you boost sales during this time of year for your franchise business. Last year, it was expected that Americans would spend $7.1 billion on celebrating the 4th of July! That number only includes money spent on food and beverages for those outings, but there’s more money to be spent. Think of how much people will spend on party decorations and being outdoors along with travel costs to local events and parades or vacation destinations.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the ways you can use the 4th of July as a big money-making opportunity.

Decorate Your Storefront with the American Flag

One of the best ways to show your customers that you’re celebrating Independence Day is to display the American flag in your storefront or throughout your business.

You can also extend displaying the colors of the flag to your employees. They can wear red, white, and blue-themed outfits, or get really creative with Uncle Sam hats, temporary hair dye, or face painting. The more clever your decorations, the more likely you will attract potential customers to take a closer look.

Just remember to pay attention to U.S. flag etiquette on how they should be displayed or featured to avoid any potential backlash from your customers.

Red, White & Blue-Themed Products or Specials

In addition to decorations, your franchise business can also promote red, white, and blue-themed products or specials.

If your customers aren’t celebrating the holiday at home or with friends, they just might head out for a bite to eat if they’re aware of a good special or selections. If you own a restaurant franchise, this can be easily done with menu items featuring colorful foods such as blueberries and strawberries. Or, you can take a slightly different approach by offering specials on specific American-themed items or recipes like American beef or Yankee pot roast.

You may also want to consider what other types of products people buy for 4th of July if you don’t have a food-related business. You could offer specials on items ranging from insect repellant, sunscreen, lawn chairs, blankets, or pool toys.

Service-based businesses can also provide “explosive” savings with markdowns that highlight the firework-theme of the day. You could also sell branded water bottles that will help spread awareness of your business at the local parade or fireworks events.

Bring Your Celebration to Social Media

These days most people don’t step outside without checking social media first. Why not use that opportunity to build trust and credibility?

Not only can you let your followers know about any specials you’re offering, but you can also be seen as a valuable resource. Let them know about celebrations they can attend in your area such as parades, community barbecues or firework events.

You can also take things a step further and hold contests. Ask your followers to post photos to be judged for the best 4th of July decorations. Offer a special discount or free offer at your place of business for the winners. Regardless of what type of contest you run, increasing awareness of your business through such efforts will eventually lead to more sales.

Wondering How You Can Use Other Holidays to Boost Your Franchise Business?

With a national holiday in the U.S. showing up almost every month throughout the year, it’s a good idea to take advantage of them to help you boost sales.

Big Sky Franchise Team specializes in creating franchise marketing plans to help you attract customers all year and for any occasion. We can also develop strategic and vision planning scenarios to help you see how profitable those ventures can be and keep sales flowing in all year long.

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