Creating Peace of Mind—Dr. Patricia Boulogne, CEO, Emerge

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, the unofficial start of summer here. Our episode today focuses on how you care for your whole self. As we are fast approaching halfway through 2023, what are you doing to ensure you are keeping your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

Our guest is Dr. Pat Boulogne, who shares with us some tips to create personal boundaries, her Five Pillars of Health, and how it all helps create peace of mind.


Success is having peace of mind.


Dr. Patricia Boulogne, DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author. She has helped thousands over the last 35+ years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain, and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person. The result is that her clients and patients, find out the WHY and the CAUSE of the problem, and identify the starting point: what, why, where and how to begin their health journey to live longer, better and healthier. Dr. Boulogne is the founder and principal of AskDrPat ~ HealthTeamNetwork, a company dedicated to skyrocketing your health, lifestyle, and mindset with strategies and programs that make sense, and help you age gracefully, think, move and feel better, and live longer and happier! 


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Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (00:01):

Welcome to the Multiply Your Success podcast, where each week we help growth-minded entrepreneurs and franchise leaders take the next step in their expansion journey. I’m your host, Tom DuFore, CEO of Big Sky Franchise Team. And as we open today, it’s Memorial Day here in the United States and it’s the unofficial start of summer. And our episode today focuses on how you and I, and we are taking care of our whole self as we are fast approaching halfway through the year, which is incredible to think about already. What are you doing to make sure you’re keeping your mental and physical and spiritual health and keeping your whole self healthy? And our guest today is Dr. Pat Boulogne, who shares with us some of her tips to create personal boundaries, her five pillars of health, and how it helps create peace of mind.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (00:53):

Now, Dr. Pat is a certified functional medicine practitioner, coach, chiropractor, speaker, and author. She has helped thousands over the last 35 years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person. The result is that her clients and patients find out the why and the cause of the problem and identify the starting point, what, why, where, and how to begin their healthy journey to live longer, better, and healthier. Dr. Pat is the founder and principal of Dr. Pat Health Team Network, a company dedicated to skyrocketing your health, lifestyle, and mindset with strategies and programs that make sense and help you age gracefully, think, move, and feel better and live longer and happier. So let’s go ahead and jump into my interview with Dr. Pat.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (01:43):

My name is Dr. Pat Boulogne and I am the CEO and founder of Health Team Network. That’s what I do.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (01:52):

Perfect. Well, one of the reasons we wanted to have you on and why I was interested in having you on is to talk about some topics relating to whole body health and how that applies to entrepreneurship. Our audience is largely driven by successful entrepreneurs and franchise leaders. And what are some things that you’ve found in entrepreneurs in particular where there oftentimes maybe are some health issues or concerns that you tend to see?

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (02:20):

Well, the things that I tend to see, what I do is I help executives and entrepreneurs and business owners reach their greatest goals in less time. And what I know to be true is that you have to have your health and your mind. It’s critical that they go together, they’re in the same place that they’re housing the same body. So a lot of times people, don’t, they’re running all the time, they don’t have time to eat well, think well, and move well. And I think those things start to trip people up when you start having piggybacking experiences, and I sometimes do that. This is the reason why I’m telling you this is that I sometimes have three things going on at the same time and people ask me how I do it. And a lot of things that happen in our careers and when we’re working in that space is we don’t have boundaries.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (03:08):

And boundaries is something that a lot of people lack in, and especially the and mindset part of that because they think they have to be all and do all for everybody. That’s a problem, the boundary part of it because then you start sacrificing your relationships, your career, your health, inside and outside of work and that doesn’t give you any satisfaction and it’s not a happy place to be.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (03:32):

So how do you advise some of your clients and some of these leaders you work with? Maybe what are a couple quick tips that you suggested maybe helping establish some boundaries? It seems fairly simple, but a lot easier said than done, I guess.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (03:45):

Well, it is. When I’m looking at boundaries, people ask me if I can. I put out a notification and I had this one guy from India pick the phone up and call me about 10 times in three hours and I was doing something else. I’m booked, I have it on my schedule and I don’t really look at the times and being able to flow and being in my vibe when I’m like that. But I found it really distracting after the third time that he called me, but I counted them. It was 10 times. When you set boundaries, you just say I can’t do it. I can do it or I can’t do it, and if I’m going to run late then I run late. But you have communication around. I think communication is your key factor in that, so you’re able to communicate the appropriateness of where you’re at with something so that you don’t get exhausted in your health and your life, and your career pays for it because you haven’t been paying attention to you and doing for everybody else.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (04:43):

So I think you have to learn how to say no in a way that you still get your stuff done and then you’re available to help them because then you’re there a 100%. I’ll just give you the example of the guy who you’re driving down a road and this guy slams on and he passes you and slams going down the street and then you end up at the same red light. And we’ve all seen that. We all go like, “Okay.” You’re in such a hurry to get someplace that you don’t you don’t get anywhere. You get to the same place and you spent a lot of extra energy for no apparent reasons. So if you can conserve that energy and create a boundary about what you do and moving forward, I think that that is key thing that I think people have a hard time with.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (05:27):

Let’s talk about what’s going on with mindset and mental health these days.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (05:32):

Well, that’s a broad topic. Because mindset, I always say that from the moment that you leave your pillow in the morning to the moment that you get back to your pillow, that particular moment, you are in charge of every emotion, every thought, every action, every deed. And if the things aren’t going so well, you just have to stop and make a new mindset, it’s not that hard to do. But a lot of people always want to be right. They don’t want to give in and they want to push through. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “What am I losing by continuing?” And if you’re losing what is significant to you and you value most in your life, then it probably isn’t worth whatever it is that you’re going after. And you might have to still go in the same direction, still get to the same goal, but how you pivot and navigate to that point might be different than how you were doing it.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (06:32):

One of the things in preparing for this, that was in some of the information that you had shared, you talk about the reasons why people really get sick. And so I’d love for you to talk through those.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (06:43):

Well, I can go into that because you first have to go into what health is. And health is, according to Webster and Merriam dictionary, it’s all the organs functioning a 100% all the time. But the problem is you don’t know it. And so until something hits a crisis, you don’t know it. And then WHO, the World Health Organization says that it is not the absence of disease or infirmities and it has to do with environment. It has to do with participating in your life so that it has a more rounded definition. And they did that in 1986, about 40 years ago, they updated their definition.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (07:20):

But I say if you look at what the combination of that is that I teach from five pillars of health. So I say, how do I funnel that information down so it works for me? So the five pillars are proper diet and proper nutrition, proper exercise, proper sleep, positive mental attitude and positive mindset. There’s that word again and or words again. And then proper posture. And proper posture relates to structure, function, it relates to biomechanics because if you don’t have structure, you’re not going to have function. Something’s got to give along the way for that piece of the puzzle.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (07:58):

But in order to be successful and where you’re looking at mindset plus positive mental attitude plus superior wellness initiatives, equals success, then your mindset is your first step. It’s your foundation that you work from if you’re working back from basics or if you’re working like no cart before the horse method. So you have to take a look at that in that spectrum so that you know where you’re at along that journey so that when the cart gets behind the horse and you attach it, you know how to drive it and you know how to go forward with that. But that’s how I teach the five pillars of health and where to start.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (08:42):

But the mindset, you’ve got to have that because we all heard people say, “March is my diet month before the summer comes up.” They don’t even say mindset. I’ve got to get in the mood for it, I’ve got to set the stage for it. And so it’s just shifting that mindset for that piece of the puzzle. But in order to be successful, you have to have that because so many times, people don’t have the mindset, a strong character in order to forge forward.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (09:12):

And one of the things that stood out to me is the Grim Reaper Syndrome. So I’d love for you to talk about what is the Grim Reaper Syndrome and why does it matter?

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (09:21):

It matters a lot because we have so many things that happen to us that we just fluff off. I get calls from people time to say, “Dr. Pat, can you tell me, what do you think about this? My mom said she had that too at that age.” Well, the thing is that we keep on accepting these new normals that are going on, then we’re going to have bigger problems sooner. And we have a pretty toxic society with the quality of the air, the quality of the foods that you’re eating. There’s a lot of toxicity in the environment that creates chronic illness and disease, and inflammation in the body. So I think that piece of Grim Reaper is paying attention to the signs and symptoms like when I occasionally have a floater and flows are either clear or they’re black. In Chinese medicine, if they’re black, they relate to the kidney, if they’re clear, they relate to the liver.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (10:21):

But I never had them when I was in my 20s or in my 30s, never. And the ability to, it’s just having an upset stomach. I could eat anything. I tried to shake one time and after the third week of doing that shake, my stomach, I’m going, “What the heck is in that thing?” And then I started looking at it and then realized when I tried it again, because I thought it was just the shake and they replaced it, that there was something very specific in there that my body no longer tolerated. So that’s paying attention to signs and symptoms. And when you don’t, they become Grim Reapers, we all know who the Grim Reaper is. No acceleration on that process. Pay attention.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (11:06):

Dr. Pat, this is a great time for us to make a transition to the show. We ask every guest the same four questions before they go. And the first question we always like to ask is, have you had a miss or two in your career? And something you learned from it.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (11:19):

Part of the miss or two that I’ve learned or that I’ve had in my career is that when I sold my practice back in somewhere in the 90s and what I wanted to do is my miss that I was way ahead of my time because I wanted to do virtual work back in 1996. And now everybody is going, “What’s that?” But you want to call yourself a coach. No one calls themselves a coach. And I said, “No, but that’s what I want to do.” And so that didn’t pan. It’s taken a long time for people to have that realization. And the thing that really expedited that was the pandemic where people were forced to utilize Zoom and other venues in order to have conversations with people.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (12:04):

And it really boosted telemedicine at that time also. So telemedicine is actually really quite famous in farming you because you didn’t have emergency hospital that was 10 minutes away from your house. It was hours. So sometimes having an emergency out in farmland area is not the place to have an emergency. Really that’s part of that. So I would say that my miss is my timing on that. That’s what I say my miss is.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (12:34):

Well, let’s look at the other side. Let’s talk about a make or two that you’d like to share.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (12:39):

Well, one of the things is that when I bought my practice with my husband at the time who was a chiropractor and I ended up keeping the practicing. We ended up getting divorced. But the thing that was the hit on it was that we underestimated how great it was and what a gold mine it was. And so we bought it underserved. And when I sold it, I bought it from him in the low six digits and I sold it in the mid six digits. And that was a big hit. And it was just something I fell into and I had, and probably shouldn’t have sold it when I sold it, but I was very burnt out and I didn’t have a great coach at the time to say, “Just hire it out. Just hire somebody in there.” I would’ve stayed probably longer, but I couldn’t stay on the Cape anymore. It was someplace that I felt very drained and my health was suffering when I was there.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (13:37):

Have you used a multiplier to grow yourself personally or professionally over the years that you can share?

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (13:42):

Well, I’ve had coaches and I’ve had people who I felt were leaders who you could ask questions to and lead the way. So when I want to do something, I had a mentor almost my whole life. He passed away at 77. I’ve known him since I was nine years old or something. And when he was in his early 20s, but he always had really a lot of wisdom, simple wisdom. He was Irish. I learned storytelling from him. I’ve heard thousands and thousands of stories. But I think that he was my multiplier because he always taught me that nothing was impossible.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (14:24):

My father said the same thing, he said, “If you put your mind to it, you can have it.” And he always said, anytime I came to visit, he first asked me what car I wanted because there was always an array of cars. And then he asked me what I’m working on and he wanted to figure it out so I could do it better. So he really taught me a lot about deductive reasoning. And it’s just like if you’re stuck, do this. And if you’re not stuck, he goes, “Play your card, play your ace, and just jump into the fire and figure out how to get out.” And so that’s worked very well for me, especially when I bought my practice on the Cape. It was great. Cape Cod.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (15:06):

And Dr. Pat, the final question we ask every guest before they go is, what does success mean to you?

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (15:12):

Well, success means a lot of things to me. It’s more than money. It’s peace of mind. And if you don’t have peace of mind and I don’t care how much money you have, it isn’t worth it. And that’s one of the reasons why when I left the Cape, I sold my practice, it’s because I didn’t felt like I had peace of mind there. It didn’t fit me like my nice leather gloves anymore. And so that’s also when I developed that positive mindset or positive mental attitude. Because I’ve been using that formulation that I gave for over 38 years and I just revamped it and gave it an updo and added in superior wellness initiatives, which were always there with the five pillars of health.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (15:50):

But then that’s how you get success in everything that you do physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially because you cannot make the decisions. You’ve got to have your mind and body together moving in the right direction, and both in a very healthy state. When you have peace of mind, you have success.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (16:11):

Wonderful, wonderful. Well, Dr. Pat, thank you so much for being a guest on the show here. And what’s the best way for someone to get connected with you or learn a little bit more about what you’re doing?

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Emerge (16:22):

Well, if you’re in the United States, you can text lifestyle 26786. You can also look at my website, and find me on LinkedIn, how we found each other with just my name, Dr. Pat Boulogne. Instagram, Facebook. I have a personal, and also my business page which is ask Dr. Pat.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (16:46):

Dr. Pat, thank you so much for a fantastic interview and let’s go ahead and jump into today’s three key takeaways. So takeaway number one is when Dr. Pat talked about us not having boundaries and that we need to set those boundaries. And she said, “When you don’t set boundaries, you sacrifice your relationships.” And she said, “A key question to ask yourself is, what am I losing by continuing this way without these boundaries?” Take away number two is when she shared her five pillars of health. And she said, those are proper diet, proper exercise, proper sleep, proper positive mental attitude and mindset, and proper posture. Takeaway number three is that she said to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that your body is telling you. So if your body is giving you signs, telling you something, listen, do something about it. And now it’s time for today’s win-win.

Dr. Tom DuFore, Big Sky Franchise Team (17:46):

So today’s win-win is when Dr. Pat talked about gaining peace of mind and she said, that is success to her, peace of mind. And you have to have your mind and your body working together. And when you have that peace of mind, it makes everything better. It allows you, as she said, to be happy, to be fulfilled and to have all of these joys of life that come along. I thought that’s a great way to go into summer here as we start to expand, find that peace of mind, find that peace of mind. And so that’s the episode today, folks. Please make sure you subscribe to the podcast and give us a review. And remember, if you or anyone might be ready to franchise their business or take their franchise company into the next level, please connect with us at Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to having you back next week.

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